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WarioSkweek is a 2D puzzle game inspired by Tiny Skweeks (DOS game) for the gameplay part as our formator told us to recreate it. Since I like Wario Land 4, I thought it would be nice to use its graphical design with a zest of minecraft for the scenery. I think Minecraft is very useful for that as I just have to download a texture pack to have all kind of tiles for my games !

This project was the last one I did with the school engine CreaM, a nice tool but it was time to let go and follow my own path (and after that came The Shooting Of Isaac). It was also the last game I made in C language, now I’m more on C++. I used Visual Studio 2012 on this project.

The game has 11 levels from the DOS version with the same passwords and has a level creator so you can add your own. There is a scoring system and a highscore saving to see your improvements.

Beware ! Due to some compilation issues, I couldn’t translate the game (maybe later) so it’s in french but all the menus and texts are explained in the user manual.


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Here are the user manual (that you can find in the zip directory with the game) and the download button to get the game.

WS - UserManual

WS - Download