Hi and welcome on my website !

Here, I talk about my games and other projects in programming (with a download link when possible). I also talk about some things without showing them because it’s not be feasible (I’m, for example, thinking about my SFML framework, even though I might do a little demo some day).

Education and experience

In 2010, I passed my STI Baccalauréat which can be equivalent to an electronic science A level. It has introduced me to programmation.

In 2012, I followed up by obtaining my BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) in Computer Science which is equivalent to an advanced technician certificate. Going out of this, I knew I wanted to continue the path of programming and more precisely in the video game industry.

In 2015, I finished my video game programming formation at Créajeux (french private school that teaches the video game jobs such as programming, graphism, etc …). I validated my diploma with a six months internship at Kylotonn in Paris, a french video game studio that developped WRC 6.

From 2016 to end of 2020, I worked at Kylotonn as a gameplay programmer. I participated in the development of WRC 6, TT Isle of Man, TT Isle of Man 2 and WRC 9.


When I started developing, I was doing Batch scripts and little programs in C using gcc as a compiler with makefiles, then I used Visual Studio 2010.

In 2013/2014 (Créajeux second year), I used Unity and DirectX 9, I was struggling a bit with both of them in the beginning because the first was quite difficult to apprehend as it has a big editor using part and the scripts system was a bit confusing and the second was, on the opposite, lacking of a visual feedback for debugging purposes and I had almost everything to create where I had only a GameObject to create in Unity. I eventually became more comfortable with using Unity and got used to it.

In 2014/2015 (Créajeux third year), I worked on Unreal Engine 4, which I really enjoyed even if I had some hard times on it, it was a really good experience overall.

Since my first contact with it, I worked on Visual Studio versions from 2012 to 2019, which I’m currently using. I mainly use C++ and SFML, which I really enjoy. I also use C# for some projects.

At Kylotonn, I began to use Dear ImGui with which I did numerous debug tools in the games I worked on, but I also used it for personnal projects. I like this library a lot.