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Philippe Offermann » H²ope
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Hope was my first year class project which means we were all together on the same game along with the first year artists.

The game is a 2D platformer inspired by The Lost Vikings by Blizzard. there are two robots  between which the player(s) can switch to go forward in the game. Each character has its own perks for example one can jump whereas the other can deal melee damage.

The plot is quite simple : In the future, people live underground because they have poluted the planet too much but the water is becoming more and more rare so a squad is sent to see why. As they don’t come back, the village is worried so they turn back on old robots and send them to their rescue and deal with the water problem.

There are five levels in the game, each with its own ambiance, and a final boss. During this fight, the two robots unite and merge to form a unic robot which will be much more effective.

To create this game we used the school engine CreaM (SFML framework) and C at first but as we learnt more and more about programming we switch to C++ so the project has a little bit of the two languages in itself.

On this project, I was managing the menu which means leading a little the others that worked with me and doing my own part, I also participated in the creation of one of the monsters.

Sadly, I don’t have the game anymore on my computer so there are only screenshots to see (which I downloaded from the website of another student of my class).


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