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The Shooting Of Isaac

The Shooting Of Isaac is a vertical shooter inspired by The Binding Of Isaac in the graphical style and gameplay. This was a school project  to develop during the Christmas holiday, we had only programming constrains which means the graphical part is up to each student. I chose The Binding Of Isaac as a graphical design because I really like this game and has many shooter mechanics so it was quite pleasing to adapt it in a school project.

You will have to choose between several characters who have differents stats to go through the three levels and the final boss. During your progression you’ll pick some items up to help you which will change your stats or your gameplay. At the end of the game, or when you die, you can save your score and look for it in the ten firsts in the scoreboard of the main menu.

This project was my first with SFML and it was quite interresting and also a bit challenging but I went through it and I’m pretty satisfied with the result. I used C++ in Visual Studio 2013, which allowed me to do a lot of inheritance and polymorphism like I needed.

All that previous conditions made the programming really amazing and I didn’t see the hours fly so it quickly passed the hundredth hours of developing.

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Here are the user manual (that you can find in the zip directory with the game) and the download button to get the game.