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WarioEscape Remastered

Yes, another game with WarioLand 4 graphical design but I can’t help it, I like this game !

CreaEscape was the very first game I made at Créajeux (as well as in my life) in two weeks. It teached me well how games are done, at least the basics, and it was a really good start. This version is the remake I made just before the third year to get used to program again and enhance the game a little with animations for example. I also made this because I lost the old version and it made me kinda sad.

Is used the little framework I made in SFML C++ in Visual Studio 2013 for this project and I was really glad to produce something out of a tool I created, this is very rewarding.

The principle of the game is to guide your character from the start to the end of the level and avoid any contact with enemies or mines which will kill you and bring you back to the start with one life short. If the player loses his three lives this is the end and he’ll have to retry the level.

While I’m talking about the level, it is created from a text file so you can modify it and create your own but remember to make it 10*10 squares.

This is a little game so there’s nothing much to add, just try it and enjoy it !


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Here are the user manual (that you can find in the zip directory with the game) and the download button to get the game.

WE - UserManual

WE - Download