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Protokit Island

Protokit Island is the second end-year project of my formation at Creajeux. It is a racing game with car customization.

This game was made in collaboration with Frederick Raynal of Gloomy Wood and the second year artists of the school in two months using Unity 3D.

For the customization elements, note the presence of vehicle parts in some places of the environment that the player can pick up and put on his car so he will be more (or less, depending on the race chosen and the part influence on it) efficient on his future races.

On the RPG side, there are parts in the environment that the player can pick up and customize his vehicule with so he can be more efficient in races.

There are multiple islands which represent different kinds of behavior and control for the car and brought a fair amount of difficulties during the development. At first I was on the Formula 1 team where I made some interesting scripts like the starting lights countdown and I managed little tweaks on the car with the physic team which I joined later. When I switched it was to make the wheels turn to make the game more realistic (in spite of the general idea of the game where we can build a vehicule that would not work in real life, wheels on the roof and such), after that I helped whith the physical behavior of the car and the multiple adaptations we had to do for the different island. When it was good for the formula 1, the trial was unbearable or the rally was undriveable and so on.

Another feature that gave us a hard time was the fact that the parts the player puts in his vehicule affect its driving so we had to make sure every combination was viable.

Finally we managed (not without pain) to get something quite smooth and enjoyable, we were really glad at this point.

This project was quite nice to work on even if it was hard sometimes but we had a glance what a car behavior programmation implies.



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The user manual will come later, in the meantime you can download the game by clicking below

PI - Download