I’ve always loved Worms games especially 2D episodes and I played them a lot on different devices like PS1, PC or even mobile. I’m now trying to make one by myself step by step which will be shown here. It might take a while to accomplish but I think it will be an interesting experience and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can produce.

Step 1 : Terrain generation

The first step I'm trying to complete is making a random surface for the worms to walk on.

I recently achieved this using Perlin noise which took me quite some time. step1

The second thing to do here is to process that noise in a way that allow me to create little islands that I will select later. step2

To do my selection, I use three lines at different heights (one is the last line of the window). The islands that pass under those lines have a certain chance to get selected (I'm still working on the percentages). step3

 Once the islands have been selected, I turn all the rest in black and expand the selection so there are fewer spaces between the shapes. step4

Step 2 : Starting the project

I have the base of my game with this terrain generation, I can now use my template framework to begin the game and maybe clean a little bit the generation to be more efficient.

My next moves will be :
  • Adjust the scale of the game (how the terrain looks with worms on it and determine the default camera view).
  • Put some textures on the terrain and in the background so it looks good and not all black and white (random textures first, don't need it to be that beautiful for now).
  • Add the first worm that will walk on what I generated (this will be a big part).