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A-void is the third and last end-of-the-year project of my formation at Creajeux. It is a local multiplayer (up to 16 players) shooting game in space.

It is another project we made in collaboration with Frederick Raynal of Gloomy Wood and the third year artists. We used Unreal Engine 4 (4.7.3) this time and I can say that even if it was sometimes really tiring to deal with, I prefered working on Unreal compared to Unity.

At first, the game was suposed to be kind of survival and contemplative but due to some contradiction in the guidelines we finally decided to redo its design and gameplay to end up with more of a Unreal / Quake like game. No real background there, the players enter an arena and fight in first or third person camera, picking up weapons and oxygen (that we kept from the first game design to avoid camping).

At the beginning I was assigned on finding what objects could be floating around the area (such as space train parts like a thruster or a console panel, a space suit etc…) and program their behavior like playing an animation or a sound. The project advancing, I focused more on the collectible objects which goes on the player’s ship like weapons, oxygen tank or a reactor. With the change in the design, multiple objects disapeared. Among them, all the reactors that changed the speed of the player became a only timed bonus, gas tanks for the reactors were removed. I still managed collectibles because there were still the weapons, the oxygen and the reactor to deal with.

I found my tasks really interresting and maybe it’s the project that I enjoyed the most working on because it was the development of multiple objects and not a big thing like the player’s physic like the year before. It didn’t stop me from working with the ones managing the player though, which I helped now and then and was really close to because I sometimes needed them to do precise behaviors for me. I also worked a little with the network guys to make my changes visibles to all the players.

This project may be my favorite in the three years among the big ones and it was a cool game to finish my formation.



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The user manual will come later but the game is already available for download.

Avoid - Download