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On this website you’ll find some of the games I made with a download link for the finished ones. These games are mostly projects that my school asks the students to do during holidays which means a little amount of time so be warned that they will not be so much AAA especially for the graphic part as we are most focused on the programming one. Some other games are not holiday projects but end-of-the-year ones instead, they are more polished as they take more time to do (during the year or in the lasts months of it).

You may notice the “Other projects” tab, it is here for an information purpose about what i’m doing right now that is not completed yet or things that I can’t really show like the little engine I’m currently making so there will be updates on that in this place.

In the projects I make, you’ll probably see I often use sprites from existing games, as they’re not destined to be sold (they’re just school stuff) I figured there is no problem here. I don’t intend to steal others work.

If you want to contact me, please fill in the form in the contact page (About section) or go on my LinkedIn profile.

Please have a nice browsing experience in here, see ya !

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